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Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability

Workers' compensation is the help you need if you have suffered a work injury that keeps you from being able to do your job. Workers' comp is there to put food on the table, gas in the car and keep a roof over your head while you recover from your injuries. Workers' comp is there to pay the medical bills to help you heal.

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Iaconis Law Office

Iaconis Law Office is dedicated to protecting client rights and getting clients the financial assistance they need when they are injured or unable to work. With more than 30 years of experience, our team is honored to serve the people of Onondaga, Madison, Oswego, Oneida and Otsego counties, and the surrounding areas.

When you can’t do your job because of illness, disability or an injury, the last thing you need is someone challenging your right to the benefits that are available to keep you and your family fed and housed. Your disability attorney at Iaconis Law Office will make every effort to help you identify and obtain those benefits, and support you in planning for your future.

The details of Social Security Disability , SSI and Workers’ Compensation can be complex, and even vary from year to year. We will be more than happy to clear up any confusion, and/or answer any questions you might have about these important aspects of your personal finances. It is well worth your time to know what is available and how to obtain it.

Injury on the job can not only prevent you from doing your job for an extended period of time but also can create a difficult relationship with your dependants and employer. If your Workers’ Compensation is being questioned, denied or otherwise compromised, your attorney at Iaconis Law Office will guide you through the process of fighting back and protecting your home.

Few things are more unsettling than a car accident, and the consequences are compounded when you have money worries on top of it. Our auto accident attorneys will put your mind at ease, by assisting you with insurance companies, disability policies, medical needs and rehabilitation.

Get the reliable legal assistance for Workers’ Compensation, Disability, personal injury, real estate and estate planning in the Syracuse and Utica area and make your appointment with the Iaconis Law Office today!

  • Workers' compensation: Who will pay the bills and medical expenses if you cannot work because of a work injury? Workers' compensation is supposed to protect you in case of a disabling work injury. If your injury was questioned or if your benefits were cut, what can you do? Once you are back to work, is your case over? Contact a workers' compensation attorney.
  • Social Security disability: Most of the people who come to our office never expected the disability that kept them from working would last so long. If you have worked the required amount of time, paying into FICA and Medicare, you have earned Social Security disability benefits. This is not a welfare program, it is an insurance program you have paid for. Contact an SSD lawyer.
  • Estate planning: At the Iaconis Law Office, we know that an estate plan needs to fit the unique needs of you and your family. We can also help you with elder law issues and with estate administration and probate.

At the Iaconis Law Office, we are focused on clients — individuals who have questions and need answers about their rights and their future. Contact us for an appointment at our office, at your home or in your hospital room.