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Elder Law

Planning for What Might Happen

None of us can be sure about the challenges we will face as we grow older, but by planning ahead, many problems can be avoided. At the Iaconis Law Office in Chittenango, New York, we work with elderly clients and their families to deal with elder law matters.

Questions About Elder Law?
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Many elder law questions can be resolved in advance through careful estate planning. For example, powers of attorney can settle the issues of conservatorship or guardianship long before the need arises.

  • Is an elder in your family unable to make decisions? If there are not powers of attorney in place, the family may need to apply to court for guardianship to manage assets and financial matters, as well as daily living and medical decisions. Talk to a lawyer about dealing with partial or total incapacity.
  • What if you need nursing home care? If you or a family member needs nursing home care, talk to an elder law attorney about what kind of care you want and how to plan ahead. For many people, Medicaid planning can help pay down assets well in advance of nursing home needs. For others, it is important to assure enough money has been put aside in a trust to meet nursing home expenses.

The sooner individuals and families begin to discuss and plan for elder law matters, the easier it is to make decisions without the pressures of immediate needs. Wherever you and your family are in the decision process, contact an attorney who has the knowledge and compassion to help. The initial consultation is free. Major credit cards are accepted, and we serve clients throughout the Syracuse area.