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SSD Benefits

SSD Benefits Are Based on Average Earnings

For people who are disabled and unable to work any longer, Social Security disability benefits can provide an income during the period of disability. The combination of wage earner and dependent Social Security benefits with other specified disability programs will not be more than 80 percent of your highest earnings, and there is a maximum benefit that changes each year.

Questions About Social Security Disability?
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At the Iaconis Law Office in Chittenango, New York (Syracuse area), we understand how important Social Security disability benefits are to our clients. It is the money they need to support themselves and, often, their families.

  • Benefits are payable for disability. It is often difficult to determine if your condition will be disabling for twelve (12) consecutive months. Even if you apply early in your disability, an approval or disapproval may take months (a usual application will take 3-5 months for an answer). Your short-term disability will probably run out in six months. There is often a gap when your short term benefits run out and the decision is made on your Social Security disability. We are aware of the hardship that this creates for most people. It is important that as much favorable information as possible is provided with your application. Even if a favorable decision is issued, there is a five (5) full month waiting period before Social Security disability benefits are payable. If your initial application is denied, the waiting can go on even longer. A lawyer experienced with Social Security disability applications can help you understand the SSD process, help you and the medical providers supply the needed information, and help you know what to expect.
  • Eligibility is based on quarters worked. To be eligible for Social Security disability, you have to have had at least a minimum amount of FICA wages for at least 20 of the past 40 quarters (five of the past 10 years) before you became disabled.
  • Additional benefits may be available for dependents. Another 50 percent can be added to your benefits if you have dependents.
  • After two years, you can qualify for Medicare. A huge worry for many people is health insurance. Two years after your date of SSD payment entitlement, you will be eligible for Medicare coverage. Cost for Medicare programs and coverage will vary.

You earned Social Security disability benefits by paying into FICA with every paycheck. If you are disabled and cannot work, SSD is an earned benefit. If you have questions about benefits or about your application, you are welcome to contact an attorney at the Iaconis Law Office in Chittenango, New York. The consultation is free.