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Workers' Compensation Process

The Process Begins When You Report Your Injury

Workers' compensation is there to help you if you have been injured on the job, but it is up to you to start the process. If you have questions or if the instructions you receive at work are confusing, we urge you to call and schedule a consultation with the Iaconis Law Office in Chittenango, New York. We serve clients throughout the Syracuse area.

Questions About Workers' Compensation?
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At our law firm, we protect workers' rights if there are issues about a workers' compensation claim. In most cases, the employer and the insurance carrier meet their obligations to begin coverage. However, such should not be totally relied upon.

  • First, report your injury. You must report your injury as soon as possible. Tell your employer immediately. Some injuries — such as repetitive stress injuries — are not immediately obvious. You must report them within 20 days of when you first became aware of the severity of the injury, or you were told by a physician that your injury is related to your work.
  • You also need to file a written report. Talking to your boss is not enough. You need to fill out a written report and make sure your employer has accepted the report.
  • You have to see a doctor. You can go to the ER, your family doctor or any other medical doctor, but be aware that nothing can start on your workers' compensation claim until you have a doctor's report. Doctors would rather help patients than fill our paperwork, but a doctor's report is required.

The medical paperwork has to be complete. The insurance carrier wants to know if the injury resulted in a disability, whether the disability is partial or total, and when you can get back to work. The medical report forms for workers' compensation are extensive and complicated. Sometimes doctors make mistakes that can confuse the insurance company and the workers' comp board. We have experience helping to undo that confusion with physicians.

At the Iaconis Law Office, we have an attorney who spends the majority of his time helping people applying for disability benefits. We also have a licensed compensation representative who spends all of his time keeping up-to-date on workers' compensation law and procedure. He actively pursues compensation claims, trials, and appeals. He can answer your questions and keep you up-to-date on the progress of your case.

Most of the time, especially when the injury is obvious, your claim will be honored and you will receive workers' compensation benefits. If your claim involves hard-to-see injuries (back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome), you may need more medical data. In other cases, the insurance carrier may cut your benefits or end them before you are able to return to work.

If that happens, if your claim is denied or your benefits are lowered or cut after a period of time, contact a lawyer who knows all the ins and outs of workers' compensation.